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What is

Aikido training integrates several martial systems, including empty-hand (tai-jutsu), wooden sword (aiki-ken), wooden staff (aiki-jo) and knife (tanto).

Instead of clashing with an attacker’s physical strength, the self-defence techniques of Aikido blend with the attacker’s movements using the dynamic engagement strategies and spherical motion evolved from techniques of Japanese Swordsmanship, thus enabling both men and women to effectively defend themselves against multiple armed or unarmed attackers without the need to employ the destructive punching and kicking techniques that can often be associated with other combat arts.
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What is it?

The Secret Science of Combat Strategy presents an invaluable resource for anyone interested in martial arts hoping to improve their knowledge and skills

About the book

What are the best fighters feeling, thinking, and doing before, during, and after combat? The intriguing answer to this question seeks to satiate those who are curious about the secret world the martial artist inhabits.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a practitioner of any combat system or are simply a fan of mixed martial arts, this guide offers a peek into the heart and soul of elite fighters who are true martial artists.

About the Author

Jules Aib is the founder and chief instructor of World Aikido-Yoga (WAY). Aikido- Yoga seamlessly integrates the sophisticated martial-art of aikido with the ancient science of yoga.

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